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Dynamometer 4WD DP4L-SYNCHRO

Dynamometer 4WD DP4L-SYNCHRO

DynoProject 4WD DP4L – SYNCHRO dynamometer will make it possible for you to run load measurements of power and torque with regards to 2WD (front or rear axis) and 4WD cars.In addition, this dynamometer model synchronizes the speed of both axes, which can be necessary to carry out measurements in vehicles equipped with traction control systems.
  • Max velocity 288kmh
  • Max torque on wheels 1300+ Nm
  • Max power 900+ HP
  • Max torque on engine 1000+ Nm

Measurement speed and precision

Digital DataLogger uses microprocessor technique in its design and guarantees the stability of parameter measurements in time. All data are taken in real time. Measurement repetitiveness equals 0.1 KM. Microprocessor supervises the operation of a dynamometer and controls the transfer of the measurement data.

A brake controller simulates the road conditions by controlling the speed and acceleration under set loading.

DataLogger processes the values of the following parameters

External temperature and pressure
Boost pressure and AFR

The controller communicates with the software installed on a PC. Advanced, yet intuitive, programme processes the parameters measured and saves them. Collected and processed parameters are presented as readable diagrams and figures, owing to which you are able to make thorough operational diagnostics of an engine or analysis of the effects achieved during modernisation.

A dynamometer has been designed in a modular manner. Any time you are able to upgrade your device to a more extended model. What you have to do is , simply, to install additional elements that less advanced model do not have. In the case of the most advanced model DP4LSYNCHRO factory does not provide that expansion.


  • Max velocity 288kmh
  • Max torque on wheels 1300+ Nm
  • Max power 900+ HP
  • Max torque on engine 1000+ Nm


  • Controller’s Power supply 230V 1A
  • Brakes Power supply 230V 16A
  • Pneumatic blockage of the rolls 6-8atm


  • Working temperature 5C – 35C


  • dimensions (WxLxH) 3800mm x 4500mm x 500mm
  • maximum wheel track 2100mm
  • minimum wheel track 700 mm
  • maximum wheelbase N/A
  • minimum wheelbase N/A


  • weight 3000kg