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Outcome repetitiveness equals 0.1 KM. Power and torque are constantly measured while any data are taken in real time.

Technology which we have created will allow you to make precise measurements of torque and engine power in no time as well as to diagnose any potential faults – event the most untypical ones. Simplified handling constitutes the basis for reliability of our dynamometers . Each second of a measurement results in several thousands of information regarding the instantaneous values of torque and power. Measurement repetitiveness equals 0.1 KM. Power and torque are constantly measured while all data are taken in real time.


Short examination time protects an engine against overloading.


A blower is responsible for maintaining an optimum engine temperature.


Fixing system ameliorates strapping to the dynamometer and stabilises a vehicle.


The rolls which are electrolytically coated and knurled with simple knurl enhance vehicle adhesion.


Pneumatic blockages of the rolls – ameliorate the vehicle’s entry and exit.


Statically and dynamically balanced rolls allow to reach the maximum velocity of 288 km/h.


We are fully aware of the extent to which external conditions are important for engine examinations. DynoProject Dynamometers apply the norm DIN 70020 to correct the measurement outcomes for normal conditions.

A specialist weather station checks the ambient temperature and the atmospheric pressure, owing to which the data are stable and certain. Additionally, an eddy brake allows to change the vehicle operating conditions very precisely. Hence, you are able to reconstruct the road conditions. Load dynamometer makes it possible for you to select the load yourself and adjust it to the type and power of an engine. Therefore, you will be able to check the parameters under the conditions being of your interest.


Customer service

We provide our knowledge and experience. You may count on our technical support at every stage of the project implementation. We will advise you on what type of the dynamometer will prove to be the best for your company and will answer all your inquiries. We will tell you what optimum layout of the room for the device should be in order to make you take advantage of the device potential fully in your diagnostic centre. Once you have made the decision to purchase the dynamometer, we will deliver it to your abode and will take care of its assembly.