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Blower WOK

Blower WOK800-2.2kW

During the measurements of vehicle power, room ventilation remains a very important question indeed and exhaust gases and heated air must be removed. Blowers guarantee precise data measuring as well as the diagnostics safety.
DynoProject uses wall-mounted blowers which blow the air outside the room where the measurement is performed. At least two such blowers are recommended to be applied.

Parameters WOK800-2.2kW

engine power 2,2 kW
max. airflow 21000m3/h
power consumption 5,6 A
Each blower should be supplied by an 11 kW inverter. Why? 11 kW inverter will provide the soft start function and the regulation of rotation speed. The inverter has got another advantage as well. It is practical in use: you may switch it on and off remotely. Such automation will make a measurement quicker and your work easier.